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Have you tried finding DMT, that stuff is really hard to get your hands on. I have asked a few different dealers in my area and a lot of them haven't even heard of the stuff before. Do you know how much it usually costs?



"No further evidence is needed to show that "mental illness" is not the name of a biological

condition whose nature awaits to be elucidated, but is the name of a concept whose purpose is

to obscure the obvious."

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Wow dmt!!! That shit is pretty hard to come across. i copped some of that shit at woodstock,paid 35 bucks for 4 lil pellets(like the size of matcheads)i smoked that shit and tripped pretty hard for like two hours. it was good but too dam intense for me. crazy crazy visuals.good luck finding it though.be on the lookout for a guy that looks like jesus and is wearing a tye dyed skirt..thats where i got mine

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