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What the hell happened to all of them? I remember when harlem had the best dam variety of of herb one could ask for. Does anybody remember the good ole spots like FUNHOUSE,EUGEMA,and MR.B's. 116th st.was the best!!! Where are the good blocks now??? I'm sick of searching.

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Originally posted by tunnelbandit:

ahhhhhhhhhh romy..........at least i dont stick pills up the poopchute. Hey everyone when you hear grunts and smell something a lil funny coming from the next bathroom stall,dont worry its just Romy doin E.

Hmmmmmm.....I see no-one has replied to your stupid ass post!!!!!!!

OH, and by the way, yes, I admit, I do stick pills up my ass, so what!!! I don't care!

But it seems like Mr. Tunnelbandit aka BRYAN FROM JERSEY CITY, likes to shove his fingers up his nose and take out some crusty friends, yep, I was the ever so lucky one to witness that!!!!

May I add that he had a very healthy "snack" too, at least thats what he calls it.

So, next time your in Tunnel up in the Mezz and you see some yucky "stuff" on that big window overlooking the main floor, think of Mr. Tunnelbandit...







Aim: Romina321

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