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Call me naive but.......

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and now that you know what it is, there is a whole other discussion about how to do it! some people think that taking the acid first then the pill is the best, others think that pill then acid is also good, and then others think that both at the same time is the best.

and FYI hippy-flipping = shrooms + E



*turn it around baby*

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As for what order to do it in...

If you take the acid first and wait about an hour to drop your e, you will get HARDCORE visuals.

If you wait until you are rolling to take your trips, it's more of a really fucked up roll than anything else (until your roll wears off and you realize all the visuals you're getting).

If you take them at the same time... well, what happens depends on how long it takes your drugs to hit you. For me I start to trip in an hour and roll in 20-30 minutes, so it's the same as just taking my roll first.

I haven't done acid in nearly 4 yrs, but when I candyflipped I almost always took my trips first.


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