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Was it 007 or and Anchor

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Took E (taken it many times) and it was amazing - haven't tripped like that in years. I didn't look at what I took and had 3 left over (stocking up). Looked at them when I got home and 2 were yellowish with an anchor and one was white with 007 on it. I don't know which I took. Anyone have experience with these? Which is better?

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i had red 007 and it was the best pill i ever took

i had a green one and took half because i had to split it with my girlfriend and we only had one and i didnt feel anything

go figure, hope i was some help




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The anchors I have now suck for me (dark yellow, nicely pressed pill, scored on the back). Others loved em though. IF you have a tolerance to E...anchors are no good (mine at least)


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The anchors i had this last weekend were the shit. Red small pills with little red specks in them. Very hard pressed, very small.

Did 2 caspers at 1 am which kept me going till 6. At 8 when i got to another party i popped 2 red anchors and i was fucked up. I dont remember ever being that fucked up, i mean im a large guy with tolerance but i was floored.

Def a great roll.

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