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Mixing drugs

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People please be smart when doing your drugs. Everyone must be careful not to mix certain drugs with others. Get educated on all the drugs you are taking, know what is going in to your body. Too many kids are dropping dead from mixing G K oc's E coke.....it's so nasty.....be careful, and enjoy!



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Originally posted by dale77:

Duh! cwm25.gif

yeah, ill just agree with that because im too tired to come up with a witty response




1. To pass beyond the limits of

2. To be greater than, as in intensity or power; surpass

3. To exist above and independent of (material experience or the universe)


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Originally posted by kking221:

I lost a friend recently because of the mixing of drugs.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

Just a word of advice for the boards: if you're gonna post something like that and would like to avoid smartass comments, you should put up your reason for posting it, such as you're friend dying.

If we had known about your friend, surely trancend and I wouldn't have replied as we did.


You're only young once


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