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Pill testing kits...

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I see alot of people asking on this messageboard about type of pills, I dont want to come off as a bitch but please read this..

1) Always test your pills .

You can buy them from bluelight at www.eztest.com for 20.00, and 25.00 from dancesafe.org

I prefer the one from dancesafe.org because it is bottled easier. Yes,the kits are legal because the chemical reagent is legal.It does not contain any illegal or controlled substances ..It can show you if it contains an Ectasylike substance, speed, 2cd/dob ,dxm , fake...

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yeah i think im ordering mine soon actually




1. To pass beyond the limits of

2. To be greater than, as in intensity or power; surpass

3. To exist above and independent of (material experience or the universe)


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Originally posted by lowmazda:

Let's keep this in mind. Just because a pill is lets say a Mitsu turbo doesnt mean its safe to take, nor does it mean PMA. A testing kit might clear that up for you. Any pill can contain something other then the MDxx that we are all looking for so lets not single out staying away from certain pills while others could possibly be safe.

Yup !! Couldn't said it better myself.. Brands mean nothing......

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