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Shakespeare By The Sea Review – Julius Ceasar

Guest coach

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Guest coach

7/23/06, Carlin Park, Jupiter

The weather was absolutely fantastic. We’d never seen JC before. Excellent play (kind of reduntant to say when talking about Shakespeare, of course). The actors did a great job, too.

Interesting choice of costuming. They dressed them kind of like mafiosos or corporate executives, but kept the old English style of language.

The stage was sparse, leaving most of the weight of the play on the performers.

The actors were all well-cast. The guy who played Marcus Antonius seemed to start a little weak, but when it got to his monologue at Caesar’s funeral, he really pulled it out. Since, up to that point, he had been playing a drunken playboy, you realized that he had actually been doing a good job.

The actor for Brutus was great as the misled hero. And the guy playing Cassius just looked perfectly slimey.

The story is great. Short synnopsis: a bunch of Caesar’s buddies decide he needs to die for the greater good of Rome, not because he *is* a bad guy, but because he *might* become a bad guy. They pull it off, but find the public is not as grateful as they might have hoped. The real irony is that by offing Julius Caesar, they gave an opportunity for his much younger brother, Octavius Caesar, to assume power and *really* become a despot. Just a great story.

Some choice pics:



Pre-show Entertainment


Julius Caesar Arrives Triumphantly


Another one bites the dust!


He done effed you over!


Bad Roman


The cast


More pics HERE

They only do it 2 weekends a year, but I highly recommend checking it out when it rolls around next year. Shakespeare in a park is about the best way to see it.

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Guest saintjohn

Glad you enjoyed the production.

Unfortunately, your post reminded me of a bad, bad adaptation of the play I saw years ago - Julio Cesar. Yes, Shakespeare's tragedy set in Cold War Cuba! Back in the 80s, I chaperoned (is that a word?) a high school field trip to see the play performed in the garden at Vizcaya. The costumes and accents were a gimmick, the prop guns were actual AR15s fitted with military blank firing adapters (in other words - LOUD), and the actors kept stopping everytime a jet flew overhead.

I think I would've enjoyed the production you saw, however.

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Guest coach

It wasn't too bad. Traffic on a Sunday afternoon is pretty light. Like an hour and 15. Plus, it's fun to go places.

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