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You take a hit (Go to Club NYC to start game)

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You say "awe hell with it" so you bump the shit. Emiediately you feel a burning sensation in your nose and start to feel like you are shrinking. You smile and walk away through the crowd..except now you can't feel your feet either.


You remember that you took two pills right before you got to the line at the door. But nothing had happened yet..

Suddenly you need to sit down.

You feel the music sucking you into the ground and you start to feel lighter than air..

You don't know if your laying down or sitting as you begin to hover over your body and see the dance floor fade below you..

You start to see a UFO ship high above the club in the sky..there are cute little fuzzy creatures aboard! They are calling out to you to enter the ship:

If you go to them clicK: http://bbs.clubplanet.com/ubb/Forum8/HTML/000160.html



"We are connnnected.."

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