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First time on E

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Hey guys, i'm new to the clubbing scene and i've been wanting to try e for the first time. I hear nothing but good things about it. However, i don'thave any friends that do e and so i don't know where to get any. For the past month, i've been to exit, sf, limelight hoping to find some inside but without any luck. I'm so frustrated, every friday and saturday night thinking tonight's the night but unfortunately it's not. please help!

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Ummmmmmm, I really don't suggest you try and find e in a club. First off, you don't know if what ur gettin is actually a real pill, it can be something bad for all u know. Second if u go around askin, u mite accidentally ask an undercover cop or whatever and then thats it!!!!

Ur friends or no one else know anyone?? I mean dont get me wrong, alotta people do get pills in clubs but its not really a smart idea u know??

well anyways good luck and let us know how it goes




Aim: Romina321

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There definately in clubs...just walk around for a bit and listen for a guy saying x...there all over the place. I never get mine form clubs but I got my friend a versace from trhis one dude in Exit and he said it was the best hes eva had.. shows you that sometimes you can get lucky


YaY to all my P-E-E-ps who BUMP and grind their way through this K-razy life

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