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I'm just curious about...


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...now don't bite my head off is this has already been asked...but I'm new to this board! *blush*

Do you girls prefer a circumsised cock, or an uncircumsised cock?? cwm13.gif

My current boyfriend is uncircumsised, so maybe I'm biased that is what I like, and, not to poke fun, but don't you think it kinda looks like a little elephant trunk when it's soft?? I think it's sooo cute!!! cwm27.gifcwm4.gif

I was just wondering because I know a couple of my friends think uncircumsised cocks are just ugly and gross. IMHO all cocks are beautiful, cut or not! cwm4.gif



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Circumsized!! Only once have I encountered an uncircumsized and truthfully, it made me wanna yak! I don't know what it was, I just thought it was real funky looking and ugly. But too each his own. I just like the feeling and looks of the circumsized one better.



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Id have to go with circumcized also! Only twice have i come in contact with that other version and i dunno, not only is it funky looking but its got that strange xtra piece of skin that just feels stretchy and funny in your mouth --> i know im wierd, but its the truth! anyone else agree with me??

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