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when and where did it happen...?


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19.... My boyfriends bed..... It hurt like hell! frown.gif Walked away from that experience thinking, damn what is all of the fuss about.... Than when I did it again, I was like OH!!!! dang that is what all the fuss is about!!!! smile.gif


Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward.

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I think I've posted this before....

but anayway here goes....

I was 9 and she was 13,

we were in the back yard of her house (next door to my grandmother)

Playing "House" In a HUGE box that was from a new Freezer.

I didn't know exactly what was going on...

but I had a damn good idea, and it felt GOOD!


Peace & Blessings,


"The DJ From Another Planet"™

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sup, kids-

I was 17 when I first had full-blown sex. I'd done other shit before - e.g. towards the end of 6th grade, there was this girl in my class who used to give me a blowjob like every other day in the back of the school bus going home! - so I had some idea of what was goin on.

So it's the summer before senior year. I'm 17 and part of an exchange program to SPAIN and I'm chillin in Granada with all these other American kids. I'm tellin you, being in Spain was the BEST time of my life! hehe At least until college, but that's another story... It was like being in another world where I was this powerful being who could do ANYTHING that I wanted. I have to say that the Spanish girls around my way were VERY open... especially since they found me to be exotic, being brown and being from the US. But this story doesn't concern them...

...it concerns this sexy black girl from Cali. She was COOL - really smart, had a lot that she wanted to do with her life, and had a wicked sense of humor. And she was HOT - cute-ass braids (they were REAL), a face that could be all CUTESIE one minute then downright EVIL the next (damn, I LOVE that! Hurt me, Hurt me!!!), and her body... baby had BACK, a'ight?

Now, from day one, she was giving me all kinds of hints and all types of looks... always playin up how cute she thought I was and how I just LOOKED like I knew how to do that shit up right...

But here's the thing - back then I was MISTER MORALITY and I never tried anything with her - because she had a BOYFRIEND back at home in Cali.

Suffice to say, all that got thrown out the door towards the end of the trip. She was SO open and being in Spain was so much like being in some kind of dream world/alternate reality that I gave into the CORRUPTION - and it was the SHIT!

For FOUR glorious days - we'd left Granada and were staying in this dope-ass hotel in Madrid - the two of us were SEX FIENDS. I mean we hardly left our rooms we were so busy gettin it on! She'd confided in me time and time again about how straight-and-narrow her bf was, and how he was always so controlling... so we did shit that neither of us had ever even thought of before!

But the best - and illest - thing for me was the following. She had this NECKLACE that she wore... that her bf had given her on their 6 month anniversary... and it was this little gold joint with his name spelled out... ANTHONY... WHICH HAPPENS TO BE MY MIDDLE NAME!!! So here's the thing... first time I hit it from the BACK... you know how it is... banging back and forth... moanin and groanin... letting your body take total control of reality... a necklace/pendant will tend to slap her in the face! So, naturally, she takes it and turns it around without a second though... so it's on her back now... and I happen to look down and notice it... I'M STARIN RIGHT AT IT... and it hits me that this thing says Anthony, who's her boyfriend... but I have the same name... and I'm here PLEASURING HIS girl... for four days... and in ways that he'd never imagined...

DAMN... that shit got me so HEATED that I almost had to BUST A NUT right then and there!

hehe but I didn't... I saved it for later... she didn't like for it to go to waste, you know?

From then on, I always made sure that necklace was in my sight... I even pointed it out to her - she hadn't even thought of that - and you'll never believe how much more adventurous and enthusiastic we got after that...

hehe For my first time, I was the OTHER MAN.

How fucked up - and fucking amazing! - is that?

So I'm no longer governed by a blind and repressive sense of morality... In fact, I'm quite happily corrupted, and my pervish educatuion is advancing very nicely... Of course, the best elements of my morality remain... I've never cheated on a girlfriend and would never do so... Trust, honesty, and respect given deserve the same in return... Of course, I don't have girlfriends anymore...

Only... Playmates...

So, Can You Come Out And Play? saevil.gif



Secret Lover


Sometimes, Excess is Barely Enough...


You Know What I Was, You See What I Am: Change Me, Change Me!

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You are my personal idle!

I would even confess my love for you (if that would only not be taken in the wrong peevish manner expected of you)

Damn I would want to be in your shoes for one day






AIM: ZUinc2000

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I was 18...on vacation in the DR. It's long story, but I met this guy on my second night at the resort, he was from a neighbouring resort, we stayed up all night on the beach talking (nothin' happened!) and he took me scuba diving the next day and I went back with him to his resort (he was with 2 female cousins that bailed on their vacation early) one thing led to another...

I know it might sound kinda crazy to some, but before I hooked up with him I figured to myself that it would take me forever to lose my virginity cause I would want to have a long term boyfriend etc, but what it came down to was that I wanted to lose my virginity to the right person, in the right place and at the right time...it was all there! So we had fun till he had to go home, but we still keep in touch. Overall, it was a very pleasant first experience smile.gif

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I was 21 and she was months away from 21. We were just caressing and rubbing at first, not daring to go further. But one thing lead to another and things just...fell into place cwm6.gif It was an indescribable experience that lasted less than 5 minutes cwm2.gif but seemed like an eternity

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