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Do Dancers Make Better Lovers?


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We're taking an informal survey among clubbers and/or anyone into dance/dancing. Do you think better dancers make better lovers. For example, in Brazil, how well a guy is perceived as being "good in bed" by two things -- how well they play soccer, and how well they dance the Samba. One of the sexiest dances is the Cha Cha, which is a game of playful seduction (e.g., see "Passion@ the dance" on http://www.dancescape.TV where two world champion Latin dancers perform in a video streaming demonstration of the Cha Cha).

We are planning to do a special feature on dancescape.TV, the Internet's premier dance television network, and are interested in feedback and stories/anecdotes from dancers/clubbers.

Please post here or email info@dancescape.TV.


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Thanks for the quick responses! Do you treat "Dancing" as "foreplay" to lovemaking? Men and women of course get turned on differently -- most men are turned on visually, but women tend to be turned on through music and fantasy.

Another erotic dance that we plan to video stream in the weeks ahead on www.dancescape.TV is the "Tango", performed by Massimo Giorgianni and Alessia Manfredini from Italy. The are World Showdance champions, and a married couple (they are young, in their mid- to late 20's). Italians tend to "passionate" about everything in life, including dancing and lovemaking.

In the club scene, there tends to be more individual dancing but also "flirting", so do you use "dancing" as a way to check out a potential "partner"?

This discussion board is GREAT, and glad to have found it! [Our discussion board tends to be too "tame", so hope you visit and add some spice to comments there about dancing and sex/foreplay/etc.!http://www.dancescape.tv/content/interact.asp ]

Thx again, and really look forward to hearing more people's stories/anecdotes!

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