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damn.. sexiest part of my body..

id have to say .. my hair.. my lips.. .. the way my collar bone pertrudes SLIGHTLY in a nice tank top =)


wierd but theres sumthin about that that i like =)


"ouT 4 doL"


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for me i would have to say my eyes. they are a very interesting mix of colors. they go from slate blue on the edges to yellow in by the pupil....also girls have told me that they love my hair(brown spiky hair with BRIGHT blonde highlights)

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My girl keeps saying,

She would leave me if I didn't have;

(in no particular order)

My Lipz (Yess LML I have those too..)

My Azz

My Dick

So I guess that's it, from a womans point of view. I believe Eyes should be included in that list.


Peace & Blessings,


"The DJ From Another Planet"™

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