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[12-03-2007] Sasha Le Monnier @ di.fm Prog /Eelctro/Acid 2hr

Guest twistedvinyl

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Guest twistedvinyl

Taken from my show..Sasha Le Monnier Presents Coulomb Muzik @ www.di.fm 12th Mar 07 some lovely progressive house and electro / acid!! For more mixes please visit Dj Sasha Le Monnier Thanks to those supplying the promo's!! :wink:

Download Part 1 Here!!

Download Part 2 Here!!

01...Frank Valentine -World Of What - Bushwacka Remix [sunshine Enterprise]

02...Marcello Giordano - Tuesday Before Lunch - [Dirt Crew]

03...Jamie Anderson - Time Is Now- [NRK]

04...Jamie Anderson - Time Is Now- Radio Slave Panorama Garage - [NRK]

05...Slava Flash Feat Dynamite - Nu Tech - Instrumental Mix - [baroque]

06...Anil Chawla - Purple Fruit - [Twisted Frequency]

07... Nikola Gala -Wasting My Time- Original Mix -[Escada Music]

08...The F Project e.p -See Me - [aLoud Recordings Promo]

09...Christian Paduraru - If You Want - [Christian Records]

10...The F Project e.p -The Theme - [aLoud Recordings Promo]

11...The Wanted aka DeepGroove - Never You -David Durez Remix -[Whoop!]

12...Slava Flash Feat Dynamite - Nu Tech - Oleg Uris Remix -[baroque]

13...Ricky Stone -Shanghai Taxi - Tony Estrada Remix - [852 Recordings]

14...Pablo Artigas - Happy Hour -[Nine73]

15...Guy J Raanan Raz -Resek- Nils Noa Mix - [Deep]

16...Snake Sedrick -Effulgence- [Tilth Music]

17...Donato Dozzy & Exercise One -United Elements - [Lan Muzic]

18...Section 75 Feat Penny - Locked Heart - Lynx Remix - [Gravitation Digital Promo]

19...Gary Dickenson Feat Tessa Stokes -Hypnotizing- Jeff Devas Remix-[Fiberlineaudio]

20...Tim Mills Pres -The Muse- C.O.U. Muzik’s Sleeping Satellite Mix-[Gravitation Digital Promo]

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