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Guest yume

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Guest yume

I really hope this doesn't happen.



All the video of the hostages shows that they look fine. They don't look like they are being mistreated at all.

But when we hold people from another country against their will, we tie them up naked to each other and sick dogs on them.

If we bomb Iran because they took some people (that are not americans) that were close to their border, and have since simply asked for an apology (not from us, from England), I will lose even more hope for my country.

If we bomb them, those sailors are dead, and we will have pulled the trigger.

This is getting out of control.

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Guest saintjohn

I appreciate your concern for the British hostages, but Iran isn't holding them because of some bogus "incursion" into territorial waters - Iran is holding them because the mullahs need leverage.

Last Sunday, Iran annnounced that it would stop making certain disclosures about their nuclear program to the International Atomic Energy Agency. The next day, the Pentagon announced the start of live-fire naval exercises in the Persian Gulf (two aircraft-carrier battle groups and about hundred strike aircraft were involved).

By seizing the hostages, Iran has diverted attention from its nuclear weapons program and temporarily neutralized any threat of military action. Instead of demanding that Iran comply with UN Security Council resolutions and stop developing nuclear weapons, the western world is busy worrying about 14 hostages.


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