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Trick or treaters wearing lingerie?

Guest slamminshaun

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Guest slamminshaun

What's up with parents letting their 9 and 10 year old daughters wear "slutty" costumes? Every 3rd or 4th young girl that came to my door was either dressed as a "slutty cop", "slutty pirate", or "slutty <fill in the blank>". One girl was dressed as a French Maid! Everything was mid drift revealing, fish net stockings, extremely short shorts/skirts....the whole nine yards! It reminded me of the movie "Mean Girls" where Lohan says Halloween is the one night of the year that a girl can dress like a slut and other girls can't say anything....but for girls THAT young???

Is that appropriate? What say you?

Oh, I figured I'd Google around and I just found this article by Newsweek. Must be a new trend or something...


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went trick or treating last nite with gf and kids.. saw some really slutty outfits on kids

id say more like 13-14.. our group all very well dressed

one was dora the explorer, my gf's kids were ariel and jasmine and we had a hannah montana

i was a victorian era vampire, my gf was a baby with the mom fake figure on front her on the back. she won our costume contest at work.. and a clown

i saw groups of kids dressed like britney, lohan... etc

sloots... im sure if i went to the grove it would have been one hot mess

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