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Damns yous...I want to go over there so bad. I am trying to get something hooked up next year, that way someone can go with. Have FUN!



Not sure but definitely have a fan-splas-tick time!

Thanks bro!

This is actually my second time but the first I didn’t get to go to any clubs plus I am always looking for suggestions for new things to do.

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Guest Fez

i went to see shapeshifters @ escape. pretty nice club

go to club 11 as well

redlight district, vangogh museum, abraxas c.s. + have the kebabs out there...they're pretty good.

redlight district again! and again and again!

go to a chinese restaurant, near the palace, and have the lychee chicken!

i think i'm going again in 08 for qeensday weekend :)

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+1 for Escape.

Van Gogh museum is a must. Heineken brewery as well, if you have time.

When I went last month the Heineken brewery was closed on Mondays and the VG museum was closed by the time we marched over there.

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Guest 029

well you've just exactly missed the cannabis cup, but i'm sure you'll find all the winners to be there .. he he ;)

i found the coutryside really nice, more interesting so than the 'Dam itself, although of course see the van gogh museum & red light area. only about 5% of the girls are "pretty", but hey .. give it the o'college try! also don't buy shit on the street and never piss in the streets! do try the massive french fries served as meals with various sauces (mostly mayo). visit the parks and see entire families out on bicycles. the flying pig hostel is a fun & safe place to stay, plus they have a sister hostel on the beach at noordwijk (although not quite as fun this time of year).

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