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Stupid Criminal Tries to Cash $1 Million Bill

Guest General

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Guest General

AIKEN, S.C. -- A bank teller had a million reasons to deny this transaction.

Police say a man tried to open an account with a $1 million bill, which does not exist. The teller refused and called police while the man started to curse at bank workers, said Aiken County Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Michael Frank.

Alexander D. Smith, 31, of Augusta, Ga., was charged with disorderly conduct and two counts of forgery, Frank said.

The second forgery charge came after investigators learned Smith bought several cartons of cigarettes from a nearby grocery store with a stolen check, Frank said.

Smith has a bail hearing scheduled Wednesday, but Deputy Angela Shunn of the Aiken County Detention Center did not know if he had an attorney. An off-hours call to the public defender's office went unanswered.

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Guest General
If only this splendid specimen could be studied by scientist.

Almost as stupid as the guy who calls the cops to report his drugs were stolen.

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Guest cire

This guy might have something to say about this...1 Million Dollars. LOL


This reminds me of a cross country trip we took when I was younger and my Dad gave the person at McDonald's a 2 dollar bill. The person looked at it and had to get a manager to come and convince her that it was not Canadian. Sheesh!

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