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A religion of peace...

Guest slamminshaun

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Guest jkfunkee

even by conservative est, 1% of all muslims are militant. therefore, given the 5 million here in the states, 50,000 of em want all infidels dead and are willing if given a chance to do something bout it.



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Guest Slide On The Ice

Mohammed was a messenger of peace, therefore if you insult him you must be killed.

What I want to know is, what about any of the guys named Mohammed, who turn out to be schmucks in life. Do their parents get thrown in jail for insulting the name of the prophet by naming thier nitwit kid the same name?

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Guest drlogic

Even in obvious radical cases such as this one, TP still tries to spin spin sugar!!!!!

Thank God for America, the land of the modern and free

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Guest mr.miami

What is really sad is why don't we ever hear other muslims saying how this behavior is ludicrous and crazy. That is what is sad. For all we know all muslims think like that.

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