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Attn djstripe (or anyone who remembers....)


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Originally posted by emiliep:

hey emiliep, it's called casa la femme!

by the way, i think you're the coolest chick here!

awww, thanks emiliep! maybe one day i'll take you there. you seem pretty cool yourself!



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sorry honey....been working at night and gardening by day....not much computer time left for me....

Casa La Femme

150 Wooster St (between Houston and Prince on the east side of the street)

(212) 505 - 0005 ( for reservations)

I recomend doing the fixed price 5 course dinner in the tents .... $55 per person ... such a great experiense ....+ drinks + bottle of wine + shesha pipe to smoke.....about $180 depending on how much you drink and how expensive the wine you choose is.....shoot for either a 9 oclock seating or the midnight seating .... so your there for the belly dancer shows.

yes it does have a grass floor but not till the first week of july.....

If your going to do the Ala Cart apps are all aroun $5-8....entries around $17-19 ...

I'll be working this Fri ... let me know when you get reservations......and be prepared to fall into one of the sexiest atmospheres in NYC.. smile.gif...for real.....it will make you drool

....oh ...and when you make reservations....tell them that Chris the Bartender sent you .....



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thank you honey! i'm not sure if i'm gonna be going YET. it was just a thought but i will shoot you a pm when i know for sure. i really want to go to this place. i think i'm gonna wait for july so the grass is there!



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