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*after school spankings*


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After School Spankings

“I’m going to do it and that is my final word on the subject!” I yelled to my friends as I walked away.

Mrs. Jenkins was in for it tonight after school. Everyday my friends and I reported to her office where she would “deal with our wild ways”. One day I was talking with my two friends during class, and she told us to report to her after school. We were quite shocked when she commanded us to lay over her lap as she spanked us one by one. The woman actually got off on it, and I have to admit that it made my pussy drip as well. Afterwards she likes one of us to eat her hairy pussy while the other two 69 on her desk, as well as other things...

She is a middle aged history teacher, and we are all seniors in her last period class. So it’s not odd that we are always the last ones to leave her class as we sit in the back anyway. She is not an unattractive woman, just very stern looking. Her manor is very proper, one would never expect her sexual depravity. She is tall, with a medium build. Her hair is short and a dark, dark brown color. She has broad shoulders, large breasts, and a round ass. She tends to wear long dark colored dresses which button all the way down the front. I think she wears those kind so she can expose her big breasts to us, make us suck her large nipples.

Well for the past three weeks, we have been there for her. We have been willing to let her spank us, to do whatever she wanted with us. But today..today would be different. I will not let her spank my round ass, instead I’ll give her a taste of her own medicine. I’ll see how she likes her ass to burn as I slap it...then shove her face into my pussy...She’ll probably love it. Of course my friends have been trying to talk me out of it. They are scared of her and do anything she commands them to. I, on the other hand, have a spine. She’ll not dominate me anymore..

During last period Chastity and Miranda tried to get me to change my mind, but I wouldn’t budge. Mrs. Jenkins yelled at them several times, and I knew that they would get it extra hard later. We were always being picked on though. She loved catching us doing the slightest thing wrong during class..it gave her a reason to hit us harder. It's our last year of school, and as the year winds down, we talk more and more. We can't help it. Soon we will all be going to separate colleges and will probably never see each other after that.

Chastity is her favorite of us all. She is a tiny girl, only about 5’ 100lbs with long blonde hair. Her body is slender with small curves, and she has a cuteness that never leaves her wanting for a date. Many guys see her as a younger girl, it's hard for them to believe that she is of legal age. But after she gets past their skepticism, it's not hard for her to keep them hanging around for more. Miranda is tall, 5’9” and voluptuous with short auburn hair. She has high firm breasts, round ass, and long shapely legs. Although she's not real pretty, her figure keeps her popular. Then there is me..I’m 5’4” and weigh approximately 120lbs. I love showing off my full breasts in tight tops, and tend to wear short tight skirts that display my tight ass and sexy legs. Mrs. Jenkins always comments on how sexy I look while spanking me...Sometimes I wear an extra short skirt, and she spanks me hard telling me that I’m a tease and a slut dressing the way that I do.

Class went by quickly, and as usual, we made our way slowly to the door. By the time we got to it, all the students would be far down the hall. If a student ever stayed after class, we would simply go to our lockers, then go back to class. Either way, we got our spankings.

Miranda closed the door and locked it. We all turned around and went over to sit in the first three center desks. She went behind her desk to wheel her chair out around it to the front of her desk. Today she started with Chastity. Smiling, the young girl walked up to her teacher. Pulling her jeans and panties down, she kicked them off. Next she pulled her sweater over her head and threw it to the floor. Bending over Mrs. Jenkins lap, she waited for the first slap. It inevitably came..

In between the slaps, Mrs. Jenkins unbuttoned her dress to her waist. Her huge breasts were covered with a red lace bra. None of the other students would ever guess that she wore that under such a drab dress.

“Such a tiny little slut, aren’t you Chastity?” She asks while spanking her.

Chastity’s ass was starting to pinken when she grunts, “yes, Mrs. Jenkins.”

“That’s right...and such a cute ass you have too. You like me slapping it, don’t you?” Her voice is heavily lidded with lust. I feel myself getting wetter as her hand falls.

“Yes, Mrs. Jenkins,” Chastity says loudly.

Miranda has already slipped off her dress and panties and is waiting for her turn. After a few more slaps Chastity is released and moves to stand behind Mrs. Jenkins. From there she reaches down to lift Mrs. Jenkins breasts from her bra, pinching her nipples hard as she begins to spank Miranda.

Watching this scene always makes me wet..I can’t help it. My two sexy friends being dominated in such a way by our teacher...It’s very erotic to me. Knowing it will soon be my turn, I stand up and walk over next to Miranda’s wiggling legs. She is moaning, but not as loud as Mrs. Jenkins is. Everytime Chastity pinches her nipples, she slaps Miranda.

I slip off my short black jumper dress and blue shirt..waiting for her to see me. She doesn’t glance my way, instead she is staring at the red ass in front of her. But as Miranda gets up, and she turns to me, her eyes widen. I’m standing there for her, wearing a black latex bra and panties.

“Oooh...you’ve dressed up for me have you? Well, slide those panties down and hop up here you little slut!” she yells at me.

I gaze deeply into her eyes. “No, Mrs. Jenkins, or shall I call you my whore? My servant? My bitch?” Her mouth opens and my friends gasp at my words. “Yes..this time I will master you...spank your ass..so take that dress off and touch your toes.” I hold my breath, waiting for her to either scream her protests or obey quickly. She chooses the latter. Standing up, she lets her dress fall to the floor. She has never worn panties and her dark hairy pussy is left to my gaze. “Turn around, slut.” I command her, loving the power. I see her body tremble as she turns, bending over to touch her toes for me. Her big round ass is thrust up in the air, and I waste no time giving her the first slap. She cries out as my hand makes contact with her padded flesh. My friends are both standing next to us, watching fearfully...I know they are waiting for her to chastise me, but I know that she won’t...This is what she wants..

“Do you like this, whore?? You like me spanking you?” I cry out as I spank her relentlessly. Her ass is already bright red, as well as my hand.

She grunts loudly before reply, “y-yes!”

“Chastity, get up on the desk in front of this slut and spread your legs for her. And you..my little bitch, will eat her till she cums all the while I slap your ass.” Chastity quickly obeys me as she realizes I have control of the situation. Mrs. Jenkins rises up to place her hands on the desk on either side of Chastity’s ass. Leaning forward, she buries her head against her smooth pussy. She has us all shave after the first day we reported to her. She liked to see our slut pussies nice and smooth...

I continue my beating..loving her squeals as my hand falls. As Chastity’s moans reach a peak, my slaps come quicker..harder. I see Chastity’s body shudder as she climaxes, Mrs. Jenkins slurping loudly as she licks up her cum.

“Miranda, you’re next..please her the same way, you old whore!” Miranda immediately replaces Chastity and quickly receives a good licking. Never before has Mrs. Jenkins pleasured any of us like this. We are always pleasuring her, or each other..well, today she will make us all cum...and then maybe I’ll give her release..or not..

My hand starts to tire, and I reach over to pick up a ruler. She cries louder against Miranda’s pussy as I spank her with it, the plastic slapping hard against her red skin. Nastily, I send the next slap to hit over her pussy. As she bucks and squeals, I realize that she loves it...and I give her several more like that before returning to her ass.

I see that Miranda is watching me as I work my ruler over our teachers ass..her eyes are droopy with lust. A few minutes later, she cums, her ass thrusting up against Mrs. Jenkins face...she must be a pretty good cuntlapper..

“Turn around now, slut...slide my panties down,” I command her. She quickly does as I tell her. “Kneel down..that’s it...now rub your face against me.” My body tingles as I feel her nose and mouth rub over my shaved pussy. “You want that, don’t you? You want to stick your slut tongue up inside me!”

“Y-yes!!” she yells against me. Her breath hot...making my juices flow even more..

“Get up and remove my bra, quickly!” She hurries to obey me. I stand there naked, watching her as her lustful eyes roam over my youthful body. Walking out around her, I sit on her desk. “You always make us suck your tits...so now I want you to suck my hard little nipples..feel my firm breasts beneath your fingers.” I run my hands over my breasts, offering them to her. She quickly closes her mouth over my nipple, sucking hard on it. My eyes close at the contact..her mouth is so strong...unbelievable..no wonder she made my friends cum so quickly..

For a while, I let her go at my breasts..loving the attention. But I can’t let her do it for too long... “Okay, now down, suck my pussy bitch!” I shove her head down into me. She immediately latches on to my clit, sucking me hard with her tongue flicking over it...I can’t help but cry out as she does so...it feels so good... “Now shove your fingers up my cunt, and you better do the same to yourself, cause none of us will be pleasuring you today.” It takes her a moment before I feel three of her fingers shove their way inside my tight wet hole. Her moans start building as she works her own pussy. My hands roam over my breasts, pinching my nipples..It feels so good...

“Chastity, Miranda, come over here and suck my nipples..be good little girls..” They smile at me as the step to my sides, each latching onto a pert little nipple. The pleasure shoots through my body as they suck hard on me..and with Mrs. Jenkins doing the same to my clit, I feel myself get hotter and hotter. The tightness builds and builds as the mouths on my flesh suck harder. Suddenly, I explode in ecstasy. My body jerks with the force of my orgasm. Mrs. Jenkins stays at me while she experiences her own climax...

“Okay..that’s enough..for today,” I say, pushing her away and hopping off the desk. Picking up my shirt and jumper, I put them on, shoving my bra and panties in my backpack. Chastity and Miranda do the same. Mrs. Jenkins looks bewildered as she finds her dress and slides it up her body. As she buttons it, we walk to the door. Before exiting, I turn around and say. “Tomorrow, Mrs. Jenkins...” I leave her hanging as I shut the door behind me. My friends are silent as we walk to my car. I drop them off at their houses and continue to mine. They know things have changed now..I am the mistress...I have the power...and it feels marvelous!!

~ did that get u hard and wet...i'll tease you with more~

btw i didn't write that, jessika did!!




he said : i'd really like to get into your pants!

she said : no thanks. there's already one asshole in there!

'nuff said

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Wow... quite the naughty teens. Did that story move you? Very "stroke-worthy" on this end. cwm29.gif Your friend is quite a writer. Does she have more?

P.S. This was up for a long time without anyone commenting. Too steamy, or too busy?

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Guest xfactor834

Star, was that Jess's?

BTW...spread 'em sweetie because I want my dessert...NOW!!!




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