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question for the guys


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I def have ASS!!!

All good for the girls with nice asses!!!

One point for me!!!! cwm16.gifcwm20.gifcwm32.gifcwm38.gif


Hi! How ya doing? where ya been, I had thoughts of you all night long.

Can't describe what you did, but you got me so!

Aolimer: Glowgirl42000

also downtowngirl101

Email: Sugar4@earthlink.net

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Originally posted by xfiles:


Ts: nice and round, firm, small areola.

Ass: nice and firm, round, no strech marks or dimples(Cottage cheese), NO HAIR!!! cwm8.gif

Can you be more specific please??? cwm6.gifcwm25.gif



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a nice booty is a work of art. Nice tight stomach in conjunction with the ass could stop me cold at 100 yards cwm11.gif


'i wish U Heaven'

"People who talk in metaphors should shampoo my crotch"

"and remember Kids, You Can't spell cracKed out with K"

aol IM=MikE420DKE

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