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Audio Soul Project - 'Bit More Grit' - Fresh Meat Records*

Guest Ori Kawa

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Guest Ori Kawa


Available now @ BEATPORT

Remixed with love by Kris Wadsworth in beautiful Detroit, Michigan.

The EDM Illuminati say:

Llorca (Art of Tones) - Love both versions of Bit More Grit and the overall 'future disco' feeling of this EP. This is quality food for dance floors!

Shur-I-Kan - Very nice EP all around. Congrats.

Agnes - Love it, will play it! Full support!

Ben Watt - Kris Wadsworth remix is dark, oily and nasty. Ace!

D'Julz - Sweet! I like them all.

Bearweasel - Excellent package here - ASP and Kris Wadsworth. What's not to like?

Alexander Maier - Superb EP. All killer. Will play a lot.

Nils Nuernberg - The original mix of Bit More Grit and Dancing on the Black Keys are superb! Overall lovely release!

Alexkid - Very solid EP, I like it! Great job.

Stacey Pullen - iambic is perfect for those who love the night time groove.

Tuomas 'Phonogenic' Salmela - Grit's my fave. Both mixes rock. Really taken by Kris' mix.

Laurent Garnier - Bit More Grit original is the one for me. Super funky house cut!

Jay Tripwire - All the original works are really stellar as we have come to expect from ASP. Will be playing all the originals.

Tobias Koch (Radio Fritz Berlin) - Massive! Full support!

Mijk van Dijk - Yeah the mighty Audio Soul Project does it again. Also great remix by Kris Wadsworth.

Murray Richardson - Nice solid house sound!

Florian Kruse - Yeah that's good music with a great sound. 5/5

Justin Long - Another slice of proper house music from a label that has no where to go but up. All the tracks on this release have a purpose!

Terry Mullan - Some seriously classy top drawer house on this EP.

Rocky Darren (X-Press 2) - Dancing on the Black Keys is my fave.

Stuart Patterson (MOS Radio) - Another great Fresh Meat release. The originals here will be getting plays from me.

Luke McKeehan - Fresh Meat is on fire! Hard to choose a fave but the chugging vibe of iambic is working for me.

Neil Quigley - Nice tracks, will play the Kris Wadsworth remix.

The Timewriter - Dancing on the Black Keys is the one for me.

Pete Heller - Like the techno stabby Kris Wadsworth mix. Good stuff.

Tom Budden - All are very nice, will have lots of plays from me.

Dave DK - Nice deep classic tracks. like them all. My favorite might be Dancing on the Black Keys.

Spencer Parker - Dancing on the Black Keys is dope...will rock it at Sonar!

Tiger Stripes - Totally into iambic. Excellent!

Ben Murphy (DJ Mag) - The funk is strong with this one and that's what it's all about right? A bit more grit is what we need!

Nacho Marco - Good work, liking all tracks and will support.

Worthy - iambic is my favorite, love the drum programming and the synth stabs are so perfect.

Johnny Fiasco - Kris Wadsworth remix floats my boat!!

Marco Resmann (Luna City Express) - Pretty nice 4 tracker. I like all mixes.


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