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DubSpot & Ableton present 'Live 8 U.S. Sessions Tour: NYC' : June 27-28, 2009

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Guest plexipr

DubSpot’s Live 8 US Sessions tour is coming home to NYC. After a successful maiden voyage to San Francisco (video) last month, we are preparing our home-field advantage stop for the weekend of June 27th & 28th. Join us for a unique series of interactive workshops, Q&As and live performances from a diverse pool of talented artists, instructors and established musicians, including; Scientist & Richie Hawtin. Experience five ‘sessions’ daily, each specially designed to developed and enhance a diverse range of your production and performance abilities. Our tour will showcase just how far-reaching the capabilities of Live 8 are, and why it is the most advanced piece of music software on the planet. Come learn from Ableton Live experts & veteran producers and who will be coming together to help take your skills to the next level!

For More Info & RSVP: info@dubspot.com


Saturday 6.27

Live 8 in the Studio: 'The Production Process & Beyond'

We understand that mastering work flow methods and moving projects through the entire production process can be quite a challenge, for both aspiring and experienced producers alike. To address this, carefully selected artists/instructors will complete an original track and guide participants through the creative process of music making - start to finish...live! To begin, KJ Sawka (a master drummer and producer) will demonstrate and create customized drum and instrument rack set-ups from his own live recordings. Next, DJ Kiva will begin to construct a song by introducing bass, synth lines, and vocals to KJ's drums. After moving the track from session view to arrange view, Jon Margulies will take over and detail creative and efficient methods for finishing your mixes. Finally, Daniel Wyatt, a talented veteran engineer, will discuss mastering techniques for creating professional, finalized products. The final session of the day will see techno legend Richie Hawtin and his label-mate Ambivalent giving their own take on the process as a whole, covering unique tricks and strategies that help them forge the sounds of the Minus imprint.

ABLETON WORKSHOP SESSIONS DAY 1: Live 8 in the Studio: 'The Production Process - Start to Finish'

10am–11am Registration @ DubSpot - 348 W 14th St

11am-12pm KJ Sawka: Drums…

12pm-1pm DJ Kiva: Beats, Bass & Beyond

1pm-2pm Free lunch & Discussion & Free Live 8 Packs from

PureMagnetik & TrackTeamAudio

2pm-3pm Jon Margulies: Polish & Refine

3pm-4pm Daniel Wyatt: The Art of Mastering

4:30pm-6pm Richie Hawtin & Ambivalent

After the sessions: Day 1 Closing Party and Demos.

A wind down and chill session with attendees and presenters, plus demonstrations by the team at Create Digital Music with live sounds and unusual interfaces for interacting with Ableton Live. (6:30 - 9:00 @ 675 Bar - W 13th St bet Hudson & 9th).

Sunday 6.28

Performing with Live: 'Taking Ableton on Stage'

Learning how to fully exploit and utilize the program’s capabilities in a live setting is the focus of today’s sessions. The day will begin with Jon Margulies providing programming strategies for creating an effective Live set, while controlling with the Akai APC40, which has sent shock-waves through the controller industry. Following Jon, DJ Rupture will incorporate a variety of outside instruments, such as vocals, guitar, violin, and a variety of acoustic instruments. After lunch, Peter Kirn of createdigitalmusic.com will show a wide variety of hardware controller options for Live so attendees can effectively select pieces of their own. After that, we will have a special presentation by Barry Cole of Blue Mountain Publishing, detailing how artists can monetize their musical creations while also protecting them by understanding licensing, digital distribution and more. The workshops will conclude with the incredible opportunity to see another legend, Scientist, go head-to-head with Badawi in an all out Dub Battle.

ABLETON LIVE 8 WORKSHOP SESSIONS DAY 2: Performing with Live: 'Taking Ableton on Stage'

11am Brunch w/ Bob Marley

12pm-1:30pm Jon Margulies: DJ / Live PA – Hybrid Sets with the Akai APC40

1:30pm-2:30pm DJ Rupture: Integrating Live Instruments

2:30pm-3:30pm Late Lunch w/ MONO: 365 DJ Pack Giveaway

3:30pm-4:30pm Peter Kirn: Controllers for Live

4:45pm-5:45pm Barry Cole: My Tracks Are Banging… Now What?

6:00pm-7:00pm Scientist vs Badawi - Dub Battle Supreme

7:00pm-9:00pm The Legendary Scientist will show proper mic'ing techniques as he prepares Dub is A Weapon for the show to follow. King Tubby's protege will then mix the band live!

9:00pm-2am DubSpot 2 Year Anniversary Party #3: Hi-Fidelity DubSpot Sessions: Scientist w/ Dub is A Weapon!

The beginning of a planned monthly DUB night, featuring live performances and DJ sets by Badawi, Kiva, Rupture, and More. (9pm @ Le Poisson Rouge - 158 Bleecker St)

*Price: $225 for all 10 Workshops. Or $125 for a single day. RSVP & Questions: info@dubspot.com

And the workshops will only be the half of it... check out other events that weekend, including a free Ableton Live clinic and Three 2-Year Anniversary Parties & More!


348 West 14th Street - MEZZ

New York, NY 10014

1-877-DUBSPOT (382-7768)




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