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DJ Vibe at Spybar Chicago 7/10/09

Guest purechicago

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Guest purechicago






Say "PURE" at the door for:

-No cover before 12am

-Reduced cover after 12am

(Ladies comped all night w/ password)

RSVP Now For:

~$175 Bottles of Belvedere~

~$200 Bottles of Grey Goose~

~$40 Open Bar Drink Packages~

~(Ladies) Comped Bottle of Champagne~

Table Reservations strongly recommended! RSVP NOW!


646 N. Franklin

Chicago, IL.

Doors 10p-4am

Proper attire required












For Table Reservations to this event contact us at :







Dj Vibe started mixing early. It was at 15 years old, back to 1983, that Antonio "To" Pereira got his first ever club gig at Lisbon Bataclan. By the time he was helping his Father at his Lisbon downtown record shop, a vital place for all the Dj's to get the most recent imported 12"'s vynil records. Since then DJ Vibe has been involved in all kinds of music activities from Dj to Production as well as playing live on Portuguese Band LX 90 or remixing other Artists. Considered by everyone the most sought after and well known of the Portuguese Dj's, Vibe had been also involved in the launch of the most important Clubs in Portugal in the last 20 years. Back to the 80's, he was invited to open club Plateau in Lisbon (1985/1986) a venue that will change Lisbon nightlife style playing to a very selective people like Artists, Cinema and Fashion Lovers. Records from Matt Bianco, Grace Jones, Quango Quango and The Cure were played regularly on this place that soon became the hotest spot in town and fast was to small for such a big demand of people that for any reason didn't wanted to miss those amazing parties. In February 1988 Dj Vibe was once again invited to open the legendary Lisbon Club Alcantara Mar. Also the name of the city area train station. Alcantara was a much bigger room (nearly 1500 pax) and inicially got extremely busy on the weekends going untill 9-10 am (new in Portugal). Vibe was also caught in London at the time by the Acidhouse Explosion and the music changes happenning there. Tracks from Artists like "Phuture", "Adonis", and "Fast Eddie" were first introduced in Portugal at the time. Classic and unforgettable moments at this Club when, in the middle of the night, he dropped stuff like Nina Simone "My baby just care for me", Nina Hagen "AfricanReggae" and Eric B and Rakim "Paid in Full", to finish later in the morning with the new more progressive sounds. Later, at this Club (1993/1994) underground smash Underground Sound of Lisbon ..So Get Up.. (co-written with Rui Da Silva) was heavy championed by Lisbon Dj Luis Leite turning this track into the most ever played there and also being the last record to be played before venue demolition. In 1988 "Summer of Love", Vibe joins the Kremlin in Lisbon where he played the most longer ever residency. Nearly 7 Years. The Kremlin works every night of the week except Sundays with Dj Vibe playing all night long. His love for the marathon sets probably started there. Kremlin was the first ever Club in Portugal to set an AfterHours party. The Club closed at 4am to re-open again at 6am. Sometimes drinks were served on the street as the crowd waits for the re-open at the door outside. Dj Vibe "Bombs" at this Club were Moby Age of Love, Joey Beltran Energy Flash and Snap The power to name only a few. Muzik Magazine UK first edition will named Dj Vibe and the Kremlin The Paradise Called Portugal. His excellent mixing ability and unique style playing a wide range of Dance Music with his set had made him unique. In the beggining of the 90's Vibe joins Portuguese Indie/Pop/Rock Band LX90, where he played the guitar and live samplers. Underground Sound of Lisbon production project is also launched with Rui Da Silva. He's also the first ever Portuguese Dj to remix Local Rock/Pop Bands like Ban and Radio Macau. USL had their smash hit So Get Up reached the top in specialized charts around the World selling over 40.000 singles, and more than a million on compilations with Tribal America Records. Soon they had their stuff remixed by some of the most notorious Dj's such as Danny Tenaglia and Junior Vasquez. Vibe,Tenaglia and DaSilva cooperate on the NYLX project with vocals from Lula to produce the track Goosebumps in 1996. USL single Are you looking 4 me (in the backroom) introducing Celeda, bumped right into 35th position at US Billboard Chart (March 1998) and wons a place among the 75 singles of the year (1998) choosen by British Muzik Magazine in 2000. USL single The lights was considered one of Miami's top 10 tunes by UK DJMag and UK DJMixmag voted it single of the April edition. Also involved in Radio since 1994, Dj Vibe starts Dancefloor show on National station Antena 3 with a 2 hour Saturday night mix. The show is still on the air today at the same station with a different format and now called Dj Vibe Mix Show, which broadcast 1 hour every Saturday to be repeated the following Friday. It was also played abroad on Kiss 102/100 in England and on Carl Cox (2003) and John Digweed (2004) websites. Before, Vibe had produced the show 4th Bairro to National Radio Comercial (1980). One hour afternoon Monday to Friday radio show. His first artist show was on Radio Energia between 1991 and 1993, every Saturday night. Since 1998 he's a resident at Lux Fragil in Lisbon playing all night in the Club Disco, a monthly Friday, turning his night a absolut classic at the Club with crowds coming from all over Portugal to catch him there. Aside of being involved on the launch of the most important clubs in Portugal, Vibe was also a special guest on the most relevant events in the country. He played or is a resident at the world's most famous Clubs, including Stereo at Montreal (one of the best sound systems worldwide) for the last 2 years. His hard work and talent are recognized around the world.

Vibe has been classified among the World Top 50 Dj's in the last DjMagazine Top 100 Pools.

DJ Vibe Global Grooves was a CD's triliogy on Kaos records which sold more then 25,000 copies in a small country like Portugal.

New releases include You, with USL vocalist Ithaka. DJ Vibe recent cooperation with Victor Calderone produced Tranzient and Muzik, which are included on Stereo Sound 001. Unreleased Vibe productions Ibiza Mosquito Polen and El Ayoun are already included in many top DJ compilations. A recent remix of Portugal's most popular rock band Xutos and Pontapes and a upcoming DJ Vibe artist CD , more eclectic remixes and an extended DJ sets to come, means that DJ Vibe will remain one of the most influential figures in House/Electronic Music of the past, presente and future times.

Vibe's main passion still Djing today.

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