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Sept. 7-11ish...


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I'm going to be out in Chi-town to visit some friends (9/7-11)

Besides PVD on 9/7 - what else is going on out in the middle of the USofA?

B2B? You seem to know what's up?

MissMoneyPenny? How about yourself?

Anyone? Anyone?

Mr. Rooney? Abe Frohman?

Do I have to get snooty?

Come on now, hook a NYC boy up with some tight shit to do.

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I plan on checking out Van Dyk when I get in Thursday. I'm around until early Monday morning. I'd love to check out Wrigley in the afternoon on Saturday.

SO leaves all day Friday and Friday night and Saturday night. What other clubs have some tight trance or hard house that kicks or good vibe?

I'm down with hittin' a bone, going to a jazz club and suckin' down martini's as well.

It's sort of a last second vacation for me - all about a good time so I can get the real feel for a city that I may move to sometime down the road.

Cool parts of the city to walk around during the day, anything down by the water - shit like that.

If it's a lot mail me - unclehooter@yahoo

Thanks for the help. Tell your parents I say hello, too ;p

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