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Jairus Miller - Danny Is A Quasar - Now Out

Guest twistedvinyl

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Guest twistedvinyl

Jairus Miller - Danny Is A Quasar [sofGDigi039] (Jul 13th, 2009)

Release Date: Jul 13th, 2009

Styles » Progressive / Breaks

Reaction Key Points : Jairus is back again with more tracks from his Album ‘Dynamic Interlude’, this time with his ‘Danny Is A Quasar’ The original is a great bassline driven track, also Jairus treats you to a breaks mix as well. This comes accompanied with remixes from the Source artist’s Sean McClellan & Lee Pennington better known as Section75. The next release to come from Jairus will be the album itself, so stay tuned!

01. Original Mix

02. Lee Pennington Remix

03. Sean McClellan's Planet House Remix

04. Jairus Miller Clone99 Breaks Mix

Reactions from MyPromoPool.com:

Listen to samples clips here http://www.progressivehouse.com/labels/Source+Of+Gravity+Digital/r/4610

"this is a release! the best i've heard in it's style for long! i particularly love the original mix and the clone99 breaks mix!" - 5.0 / 5

Jim_Star (Canada)

(www.alicemanagement.com ; no sound)

"Love the original mix. Its wonderful deep house disco. the breaks mix is rad too." - 4.0 / 5

Chloe Harris (USA)

(further, b-sides, proton radio, litheum, machine agency, djdownload)

"Jairus Miller rarely disappoints and this has all the elements you'd expect from one of his productions." - 3.5 / 5

James Warren (UK)

(hybridized.org, Global Underground, Baroque, Triptik, Polytechnic Recordings)

"Loving Lee Pennington's Remix. Also Sean's Spacey Disco thing is awesome. " - 4.0 / 5

Thee-O (USA)

(Saturday Night Sessions / Perfecto / Perfecto Black / System Recordings/ Source of Gravity / NOSI / )

"good mixes!!!!!!!!" - 3.0 / 5

DJ Rodrigo Brito (Brazil)

(Nocturna Records , Lokik Records, London Pub, Transamerica FM )

"always like jarirus stuff and this doesn't disappoint . Nice mixes from lee and sean also top stuff " - 4.0 / 5

Dingle (Northern Ireland)

(baroque/Bellarine/Airport Route/kickroach/Bonzai Limited)

"Sean does a massive remix on this track, Jairus takes the proggy side of breaks and delivers a bomb. " - 5.0 / 5

Dirty [M] (USA)

(Solvent Entertainment, www.thebeat713.com)

"Lee's mix is just pure filth..LOL! also dig Sean's funky rendition" - 4.5 / 5

Sasha Le Monnier [ C.O.U. Muzik ] (UK)

(Source Of Gravity/Ascension Records/Nightshade Music /Balkan Connection/Pangea Recordings/Bellarine)

"Overall good release, but I like only breaks mix." - 3.5 / 5

Slash_dx (Kazakhstan)

(Energy FM (Almaty, Kazakhstan 102.2) DaFreak club, Nirvana bar)

"Original is good" - 3.5 / 5

Chris Drifter (Hungary)

(SoundTribe Rekords, Plastic Fantastic, Existence, Pure.Fm, Danceradio.Gr)

"As always, Source of Gravity delivers. Jarius' album is something I look forward to. " - 4.0 / 5

LLavoe (USA)

(WHI Productions, Release Promo)

"I like the original. Funky sounds in space." - 3.5 / 5

Haroun Omar (USA)

(friskyradio.com, mix2r.fm)

"The break mix is huge." - 3.0 / 5

Xaric (France)

(Sense FM / Pure Fm / Jenny Fm / Stripped Rec / Atlant Digital)

I really enjoyed Lee Pennington’s version of 'Danny Is A Quasar...’ Actually it must be a killer: D

Kosmas Epsilon

Cheers for the tunes, like the groove in that Danny is a Quasar Lee Pennington mix best thing you have done in a while

Matt Black – (Segment recordings, Progressive Disco)

Danny is a Quasar Lee Pennington mix is my favourite, nice use of effects and a good build.

Paul Prior – (Frik N Frak, Reticent, Surge, Nice and Nasty)

Hi mate, played Danny Is a Quasar at digital on Saturday, loving it!

Going to stick it on my next mix as well....

Stuart Wilkinson – (Empathy/Digital/Label7/Unity/Bristol Festival)

Danny Is A Quasar Lee Pennington Mix - I like the space this track provides, creeping in ever slowly not giving away too much. Before you know you are getting swept up in a world of sweeps, stabs and glitch goodness. Almost like an elevator that never stops going up then falls 100 stories dropping you right on your face. Mental stuff from the Riff Raff lad. Will be playing this one for sure

Sean McClellan – (Bedrock / Source of Gravity)

"Danny_is_a_Quaser_ Lee Pennington is a unique hard track with a Cool name, cool instrument.

Cori Roc – Digiprana

I think the Lee Pennington remix of jairus millers Danny is a Quasar just pips it for me

Scott Bradford – (Shindig – Lexicon Avenue, Little Green Men)

Lee Pennington mix of Danny is a quasar is more up my street; the big build up makes it

John F – (Mode)

"Danny is a Quasar Lee Pennington is great, nice build, sure to drive some floors crazy,

Micah – (Proton Music – Method)

Danny Is a Quasar Lee Pennington mix is super mate. Will be playing it.

Arjun (Jalebel Cartel)

Danny Quasar Lee Pennington Remix is also very good. Nice chunky song and loving the crazy stabs and effects here as well. 7/10

Samer Salhab a.k.a Dj Samer (Everydaydowners)

"Danny is a quaser (Lee Pennington Remix)" sounds amazing. bassline & synth work are cool and groovy

MAX CAGLIERO (Symphonic/Proton)

Can be purchased from www.beatport.com

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