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purest DISCOFUNK!! Meet back the 70s with "Boogie Paradise" mix series!

Guest deejay_Ultimate

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Guest deejay_Ultimate

I’m here to share with you my own sence of taste of DISCOFUNK music…

I’ve mixing «Boogie Paradise» mp3 series

Most of the tracks were selected and choosen from purest and rarest underground disco gems of late 70s, It’s not like some boring radio hits from disco era, it’s something making your speakers knock, your soul jumping up and down, and creeps appearing on your skin.

ENJOY, and came back for updates.

tracklist available for 4th and 5th mixes.

Boogie Paradise mix #1, 2005, 192kbps, 1:01:14, 86mb

Boogie Paradise mix #2, 2005, 192kbps, 1:02:20, 87mb

Boogie Paradise mix #3, 2006, 192kbps, 1:09:46, 98mb

Boogie Paradise mix #4, 2009, 320kbps, 1:07:14, 157mb

Boogie Paradise mix #5, 2009, 320kbps, 1:12:53, 170mb

All 1-5 "Boogie paradise" mixes at last.fm with graphic covers

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