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NELLIE031 EDU - Cold Glance / Warm Touch :: Out Now!

Guest KristofferL

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Guest KristofferL


Cold Glance / Warm Touch

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UK based Eldar Abdulajev, also known as EDU (or 5tranger) are a true rising star. With releases on Armada and Fekive this year and tons of support from great DJ's, EDU really shows that he's here to stay!

Cold Glance / Warm Touch are two equally great tracks and similar in many ways, but with two different moods. The titles speaks perfectly good for themselves and let's just leave it at that. I can only recommend you to listen to both of them and just enjoy.

This release have been played by Paul Van Dyk, Daniel Kandi, Bobina, JPL and Niklas Harding to name a few people that have shown the love of Cold Glance and Warm Touch. Here's what other people had to say about it:

Airwave - "At first glance (sic) I thought some sounds were a little bit too generic, but to be honest, this is the kind of trance I still LOVE playing. And Cold glance deserves on its own 9,5/10 for me. You got my support, I'm sold. Thanks so much for this record!"

Lost Stories - "Cold Glance is such an amzing tune. Simple and effective! Gonna try it out at next possible gigs. Like the break of Warm touch. Nice Release!"

M6 - "Great atmosphere on both tracks! Cold Glance is my pick of the two."

Dash Berlin - "Nice tunes! Dash Berlin support 8,5/10"

Other people who gave positive feedback are Sied Van Riel, Niklas Harding, Mark Pledger, Daniel Kandi, Carlo Calabro, JPL, Tomcraft, Kris O'Neil, Manuel Le Saux, Virtual Vault, Ronski Speed and many others.

Buy your own copy or listen to the previews here: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/199188/cold_glance_warm_touch

For more info and music, please check out:






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