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Thank you all!


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Ok. I've calmed down. Excuse me for all the whining and bitching.

Kim, B2B, Trance, Wombat, all: thanks for the help, advice, couches, and phone calls. I feel so loved! I really appreciate it. It's frustrating being only a year away from entrance into this 21+ world. Especially when you love the music sooo much!

I'm determined to go, so it'll happen. My shitty fake works in DC (sometimes, but I've gotten other taken away at DC clubs too). So I'm gonna try and find an older asian girl's valid ID, "we all look alike" anyway, right? wink.gif

I'm thinking maybe it'll be more credible to show up at RednoFive w/ a group of older peeps. Did anyone already buy presale tickets?

So, I'll be there at the meetup fo'sho. (less Iggy's requires ID for entrance too. . .goodlord)

We'll see what happens. . . Till then, less the hookups work out? Or B2B feels like workin his skillz w/ the bouncers. cwm27.gif

I love you guys!

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If you really like Richie Hawtin that much it might be worth risking losing that fake. I have never had any problems with the bouncers at RedNo. My roommate's younger bro is 19 and he has been in there before with a fake. It's up to you, but I recommend going for it. If you lose your fake, get another one, the ID can be replaced, the night can't.




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The door staff at Crobar are damn pros at spottin fakes. But now, the staff at redno5, like P-Poppin said, it's worth a shot, cuz chances are, you'll get in. Don't get me rong, I'm not promoting delinquency but I know personally of people getting in there off of fakes on a regular basis.

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