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Why do you guys--->


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Or rather some of you guys.. keep on asking girls:

1) Who you on the phone with?

2) Where were you last night?

Or rather,

1) Picking up your cell phone when it rings

2) Fighting about $$$. Calling up your girl and telling her that you can't come over cuz no $$$.

3) Wanting to know who is every person in your phone book?

4) Did you sleep with any persons in your phone book?

5) There's more..... but I felt like I had to vent cuz my friend was at my house last night with her Boyfriend of 9 months and I they went outside and started to fight about the stupidest things!! (Which is why I asked these questions)




PS: Keep the past where it belongs and don't bring it up. The future is meant to be better and not to bring up the past and fuck up the future.

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<< Maybe they have a small penis >>

well that must be the reason why my bf NEVER asks me . . . just the opposite. (and he is going to kick my ass after he reads this,lol).

rachael - i think guys are just as nosy as girls are, honestly.

and too, very insecure about themselves - the only questions my bf ever asks me are about what my exes looked like . . . and then he's like, "oh better looking than me, huh?" - and he just wants a complement.

Men. tee hee.

He looks thru my phone when he's bored . . . and only asks me who someone is when it's a new name/number . . . but there are like 200 people in my phone book, so he doesn't bother asking who everyone is, if he did i'd probably get angry. smile.gif




"And those who were seen dancing

were thought to be insane by those

who could not hear the music."


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