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Originally posted by Ph0eniX:

it's a big thrill ...especially when you know that people are watching

after a while people caught on to what was going on and started watching and stuff. before you knew it there were others sitting in various places going to town too!!! i could have turned into a big ogry, if a few people didnt caught in the act. but its all fun and games, till someone gets caught.




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Its all about the excitement of it all.If you want the girl and she wants it too.Have at it!!!the skirt is a must!its a notch in your belt to say you've been there done that such as the mile high club etc,etc,.... cwm4.gifcwm30.gifcwm29.gifcwm38.gif


---its my life and I'm livin' it now!---you don't even know me!!!---

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