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Draper leavin Exit?

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Originally posted by BRIAN1500

the facts are:

-junior is not spinnig

-it will close for a month

-it will be renamed "EARTH"

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

just another story like all the others..

i have pretty good sources who i will believe for the time being...

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Originally posted by exitstar001

Exit is going to close down in like 3 weeks, and I heard they're going to re-name it.

shit!! i like the name as it is...exit is 100x better than fuckin earth. earth wtf...why not wind, water, fire? fuck!!! thats the gayest name i've heard...like...EVER!!

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You guys are all wrong. They are gonna move the sat night sf party to exit. JP is gonna be spinning both fri and sat nights! Draper will now be spinning the bottom floor girls bathroom.....:rolleyes::)

If u believed that, then I have a bridge to sell u too.....:tongue:

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Originally posted by bigart

if it was named earth, i would force myself to go to Factory from now on :)

That could be one of the stupidest things Ive ever heard......

What????you go to a club because of its name:worry: :rolleyes:

thats pretty funny.....I thought most people went to a club to listen to the music, dance, let loose and experience the vibe.....

MAybe Im going to go to the VIP club every night cuz, HEY..if Im there I MUST be a VIP....

Shit....look at what they are doing to NYC nightlife now....a club called Earth.....this is the worst thing that has happened since the closing of Palladium......

Get a Clue.........

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some of these rumors are so RIDICULOUS. its just a way to fuck with people and get them all nervous and cranky. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

um, and i think i read the saturday PARTY is called earth, not the club. i dont know, dont quote me on that.

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Originally posted by parkie

Whoa.......Draper is going nowhere, Junior WILL NOT be there, EXIT is still EXIT, and Marvisi is still a prick...have a good day.

try again..

gotta love all these people who *think* they know what they're talking about...

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