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Exit Meetup This Friday 8/3!!

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ok this friday how about a meetup in the red room??? i know i will definately be there!!! and of course justin will be....i believe hes on at 2 a.m. so how about a meetup in the red room at 2 a.m. right by the stairs to go up to the dj booth??? if anyones interested or want to meetup somewhere else give me a holla!!! laterz all


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ok its goin down.....2 a.m. by the stairs to go up to the dj booth in the red room....lillizzy u better be up there too!!! and donvito i tried gettin into the white room last week and said your name but said i couldn't come in!!!! i got:blown: .....whats up with that??? im just kiddin i still had a blast though....but whoever wants to meetup come to the red room then!!! laterz all


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I know I'm "new to the board" but I'll be there. Alsways down with meeting new ppl's. Not that you wanna hear this but my summer has pretty much sucked assssssssssss! :mad: I've only been able to go to Exit once cause I've been transferred out to CO for the time being. I heard all the rumor about Exit maybe changin' and well.......rumors or not I wasnt gonna take a chance with it.........so, I'm flying home specifically to go........yeah.....it'll be a big night for me. Sure to be outta my mind. Def. lookin forward to hearing Justin too.

FRIDAY!!!:D :D :D :D :D

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YO yo, Im definatly Down for a meetup, Only Person i have ever spoke to from this board in person is Justin lol, im definatly Down to put a face with a name :) and i hope to see all you Guys There, I think its gonna be a sick NIGHT:D :D :D :D

Got my Lights

Let the Bugging OUt BEGIN !!!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

And OB1 Do i know you from somwhere, Way off base here BUt (Where you by anychance the guy with the messager/Vibrator That u put next to the JAw to losen up the JAw clenching in exit?)

and i think your last day in exit was Friday the 25th of may? reason i ask is because i talked to someone that day ( my bday ) and He told me it was his last day, because he was on Call for the military or something of that sort?

Its nice to be important but its more imporant to be nice :cool:

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Yo.....I wish that was me you were talkin about cause that would have meant I had another month of friday night madness @ Exit. AND....that would have ment that I actually knew someone from the board.....I guess I'll find that out friday........I had to leave the beginning of May for business.......long story.

Friday's gonna be a sick night.....there is no alternative. See you all there.

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ok its official....confirmation is set....no changes!!! 2 A.M. RED ROOM STAIRS TO GO UP TO THE DJ BOOTH!!!!......ok i dont know if theres some raver contest but whether or not there is or not this meetup is goin down!!:eek: so be there!!! just checkin whos going.....

me, yeaitsme, bigart, doubtness, ob1, djmikebugout, tommy-c (bring alot of westmilford heads with you!!!) give me a call on my cell!!! ask vanessa ostrowicz or my cousin what it is!!! or private message me!!!.......rdancer, millertime22, spd1980, donvito, knxtc!!! anybody else??? ok i dont know if they remeber but i met millertime and donvito before and justin and djmike and of course lillizzy!!! but yeah its only monday and friday is gettin set already!!! i cant wait...if its as good as it was last week everybody will be havin a blast!!!!

red room is on the 3rd floor which used to be the hip-hop room right next to the white room and next to the bathrooms too!!!:tongue:


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yooo I'm heading out to exit this friday too...haven't been there in ages. i will def. be at the meetup...bigart you better show up, bro. 2am in the red room sounds good, see you all there (unless i somehow end up at SF at the last second :tongue: )

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