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Well I know the subject might be a bit of an oxymoron.. but anyway..

Since I'm stuck in Schaumburg/Barrington for the next month or two, I thought I might hit some of the suburban clubs and see what they're like..

What are the decent clubs/nights?

Is there any such thing as guestlists in these clubs?

The only places I've been are the Mission and Alumni (years ago).

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Mission on Fridays are awesome... other than that...

Voodoo by woodfield mall on Wednesdays are good, ladies night, 1.75 you call it's

Thursday same thing, just at Rip Rocks in Lombard...

Thursday's at alumni club... Energy 92.7 promotes it

Late night after all these places is Dakotas... yuck... but actually decent music.

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Stay away from Alumni on Thursdays. The place blows big time.

Its full of Frat house rejects and sorority drop outs.

Voodoo Wednesdays is probably your best bet for Suburb clubs. The girls are beautiful, the drinks are cheap, and the music is halfway decent.

The Mission is like a rave.

Have fun, and call me if you wanna hook up, since I live in the suburbs....

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B-Boy, DJ Psychobitch is at Crobar on Saturdays, mission fridays.

Silente: check out the club forum @ chicagoravers.com. They used to have a good directory for under21 clubs. I dont' know if you've already checked that.

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Originally posted by bouncyboy

oh no you didn't, just call me a bitch...

thems fightin words... you got a ass woopin' comin girl or not... lol

I'm out for the day... see ya later..

Oh, you did NOT just threaten an ass whoopin! Tom-E did that, and look at him now - he had to run to New York! You better watch it, BitchBoy

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