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Uplifting house/trance?


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Rank 1 - Such Is Life (Talla 2XLC Club)

Tony Walker - Field Of Joy

Dj Tiesto - Urban Train (promo vinyl)

ultra 5 feat j cee - potion (lange)

Abigail - Set Me Free (its labeled "vicious")

The Space Brothers - Everywhere I Go (Push)

Angelic - Cant keep me silent (dumonde)

Cascade - Altitude

one - manero

Firewall - Reflections (Lange Mix)

Monoboy - The Music In You (Vocal Club Mix)

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Some are real old but they did the job back in the day:

Safari Duo - Played Alive

Synergy - Come To Me

Draper and Mada - Pressure

Silent Nick - Diamonds

Sergeant Pepper - Charge

DJ Tiesto - Flight 643

ATB - Let You Go (Vinyl Scratch) |A.K.A I Got Nothing|

Now if you wanan go into trance that can relax you:

Vaillo (Read: Valley'O) - Rapture

Sarah Maclachlan - Sweet Surrender

Delerium - Silence and/or Innocente

Perpetuous Dreamer - The Sound of Goodbye

Thats as many as i can name off the top of my head

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apex-virtuoso (airheadz remix)

dj tiesto-revolution (its a double cd)

chemical brothers-the sunshine underground

simon-free at last (futureshock remix)

gee moore-dolphin (picotto mix)

westbaum vs red jerry-wizards of the sonic (matt darey remix)

chicane-don't give up (disco citizens vs tomski remix)

any remixes by airscape (esp. kiss)

moloko-time is now (matt darey vocal edit)

jan johnson-flesh (dj tiesto remix)

moby-feeling so real

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desderio- "starlight"

system f- "out of the blue"


floyd-"come together" (gizeh mix)

kiss of life (white label)

G-2000 "seven of nine"

gizeh "rain"


gizeh "wonderful"

minimal stixx

beams of light (gizeh mix)

ghouryella "tenshi"

matayla 23 "wonderland" ayla mix and dj sakin mix

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Uplifting? hmmmm... how about Benjamin Diamond-Love Will Bring Us Back or Roger Sanchez-Another or finally Soul Logic (Chicco Secci & Robbie Rivera) - Let's get together. These songs are rediculous. JP plays the last two at Factory...The second one is a UK track...dont know if its on vinyl in the U.S. yet...only have a radio version. Enjoy.

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