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the hottest tracks at Exit

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Don Diablo- Take Off

Trance Core Project- don't Stop

Vaiio- Rapture

Draper- Rhythm Ready

Dj Tiesto and Kosheen- Hide you on Flight 643

YTS- PaNIc ( J.H)

ATB- Let you go

The Moon Songs (A.K.A Sushi, Swallow the Base, and Blow your Speakers)

Sgt Pepper.- Charge ( Aj1 Duncan Mix)

Rob Girellini- where do I go

Moody and Mada- Come To Me ( A. Lamonts Performance)

Safri Duo- Sama -A Dagio (WTF Does this mean is it French)

Kai Tracid- To Many times ( Yoda mix?)

Powell- I am Ready

What the Fuck- Fat boy Slim

Harry Choo Choo Romero- Beats Vol. 2 Cricket Mix

Safri Duo- Played Alive

dj Yeori- Fuck on Cocaine (Josh Collins Mix, anything less is uncivilized :D)

Dj Dero- Discoeuforia ( rollercoaster mix)

Atomic Alliance Vs Trance Generators- Rock to Da Beat.

Thats it you dont't get anymore from me, Get your ass to EXIT this weekend and pay your 30$ and listen to the tracks like everyone else :D. Peace

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Originally posted by skeemr4

What songs are you referring too??

I know Derb has definitely gotten killed on KTU, but isn't Exit's stuff a lil too hard for a radion station like KTU??

i used to like derb too...f&*kin radio stations

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Eventually these songs all hit K.T.U . When they do it sucks, its no longer underground music its mainstream shit. I hate seeing mothers in Mini Vans driving their kids to Sunday Soccer practice listening to Derb. Its just so Nasty. Damn Radio Stations get their hands on everything. :D

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