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OMGGG I will never forget this...it was like the first few times I smoked weed. Me and my friend were smoking in her basement, I was fine for like the first 10 or 15 minutes. Then, all of a sudden omfg I don't know what the hell happened. It felt like I was stuck somewhere and i couldn't get out, and I was seeing the scariest things and just like goin out of my mind!!!!! Like I was trapped in a nightmare only it seemed sooo real. I told my friend omg call my mother call an ambulance, I had never been so scared in my life! I swear if there was a gun there or anything I seriously woulda killed my self thats how bad I was. I think it only lasted for like 20 minutes but it seemed like forever. Then after I was like a ghost, soooo pale and my skin was cold, omg it was horrible.

Has this ever happend to anyone else??

Why do u think this happend any explanations?

I thought that maybe it mite have been laced with somehting, but my friend who smoked the same thing was fine.


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