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Getting your bf gf under control

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What do you do when your best friends girlfried wants to jump

your bones behind your friends back?

"To conspire or not to conspire that is the question."

If I bring it up to my friend...

itll make things complicated

I like keeping it simple.

If I tell her no...

shes the type to go after me further.....no is yes...yes is yes...

If I tell her yes...

and every part of me wants to...huba huba

thing is im loyal...always have been

part of my basics

always keep my basics covered

shell prob want it 24/7

and that cant happen

i like my loner time

so....im either fucked or fucked when you think about it....lol


"Know your boundries...then destroy them utterly."

"Crap...I didnt bring enough lube."

"What the frell is wrong with you?"

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Your an asshole for even considering doing that to your friend. If I were you I would let my friend know what was up before she ends up trying to get with someone else to and hurting your friend. I know I'd rather have a friend than some diseased slut anyday.

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also what bugs the shit out of me

is when im with a girl and somewhere along the line

your introduced to one of her girlfriends.

(This is where i go wrong...i think 99.9% of the time.)

Maybe I act the same around everyone....a little too suave.

Anyways....You act natural displaying your affection for your sig.

Complimenting her yadda yadda.

...ahh fuck it...

I think what im trying to get out of me

is that I treat every girl the same as my girlfriend.

Try to be a gentleman and such.

Im always getting

"...oh so you seem to get along well with each other...want her phone number..." that happy crappy

:laugh: One of these days Ill say

"Sure!...that would be wonderful!"

*ducks the slap*

I really dont know anymore...

try to be nice to people...


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