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my top 20

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this is my current top 20 in no order:

1.vaiio - rapture (creamer & k rip from the digweed set)

2.danny tenaglia ft. lula - read my lips

3.missy - get your freak on (superchumbo mix)

4.jana - stairway to heaven (guidos radio rip)

5.teprischord - the bells

6.russian roulette - just fell out/i beleive

7.abigail - set me free (johnny vicious mix)

8.plasmic honey - sleeper (who are you)/get up boy

9.elastica - the test

10.da cloot - get up (jp`s 7 am mix)

11.the moon - blow the speakers/swallow the bass/sushi

12.franklin fuentes & the dj's - X-cuse me (jp mix)

13.orlando & bennet - move me papi

14.josh collins - bad pills (wonderboy mix)

15.song 2 from johnny vicious on KTU part 4 of 4 - i know what u did last summer....no one know this fucking songs but its fucking sick!.

16.faithless - we come 1 (rollo & sister bliss mix)

17.don diablo - take off

18.fuck on cocaine (josh collins mix)(dj rip mix)(original)(mike kaos' face down ass up mix)

18.dj manu - the shaker

19.anything by macguyver

20.derb (original)(long)(dj merlyn mix)(dj freeze mix)(debom 2001 mix)(arome mix)

21.*danger hardcore team - total eclipse*

22.anything by jp,johnny V,draper,mike ski,tsettos,macaluso,plasmic,thunderpuss,hex,and the baez.

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Rob Girellini~Where do I go

Trance Core Project~Don't Stop

Don Diablo~Take off


Sgt Pepper~ Charge ( AJ1 Duncan)

Tony Draper~Rhythm Ready

Dj Dero~Revolution

Avancada~Ha Deng ( Pulsedriver Mix and Original)

Atomic Alliance~Rock to Da Beat ( Trance gen Mix)

dido~ Thank You ( DEEP DISH)

Mondello~ Assassins

Dj Yeori~ Fuck on Cocaine ( Josh Collins)

Harry Choo Choo Romero~ Beats Vol.2 Cricket Mix

Mission to Mars~ Space Shuttle

Plasmic Honey~ We were in the Dark XTC Dub

Powell~ I am ready

Vaiio~ Rapture

Perpetous Dreamer~ Sound of goodbye

Da Hool~ Meet her at the love parade

Kai Tracid~ To Many times ( Yoda and Original)

* Rob Girellini- Crouching Tiger

I also like

11.the moon - blow the speakers/swallow the bass/sushi

Sick Tracks Bro:laugh:

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as for Abigail's You set me Free - not Vicious ... that's prolly Baez's mix ...

Mindtrap's mix is better imo - way more uplifting vocal

my top 5:

Brain 29 - Demon of the Church

Moricoco - OK (DJ Nukem)


Lumination - Don't want your life (both mixes are insane)

Stonephazers - John Wayne Pt.2


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