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New Perspective

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Check the link below...This is really a sight to behold!

The image is a panoramic view of the world from the new  space station.

Youcan scroll East-West and North-South  (left and right and up and down).

Canada's population is almost exclusively along the  U.S. border.

Moving east to Europe, there is a high population concentration along the Mediterranean Coast.

It's easy to spot London, Paris, Stockholm and Vienna.

Check out the development of Israel compared to the rest of the Arab countries.

Note the Nile River and the rest of the "Dark Continent".  After the Nile the lights don't come on again till Joberg.

Look at the Australian Outback and the Trans-Siberian Rail Route.

Moving east, the most striking is the difference between North and South Korea.

What a piece of photography. It is an absolutely awesome  picture of the Earth taken from the Boeing built Space Station.


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