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i like the way you're thinking

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since we're posting jokes again here's one of my favorites


A teacher is trying to teach her students subtraction so she offers this question:

Five birds are sitting on a fence, and you shoot one of them...How many are left?

She looks up and is suprised to see Dirty Johnny with his hand up and calls on him.

"None" he answers, "because as soon as you shoot one, the others will fly away"

"Actually, the answers four, but I like the way you're thinking."

Dirty Johnny says "Teach, I gotta question for you"

"Okay" she says slowly.

"Three women are sitting in an ice cream parlor. One is licking the cone, another is sucking the cone, and the third is biting the cone. Which one is married?"

The teacher blushes, takes a deep breath, and then stammers "Ahhh, the one who's sucking the cone?"

"Wrong, its the one with the wedding ring on her finger...BUT I LIKE THE WAY YOU'RE THINKING!"

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