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what is railing?MAOI? and are u serious it will work plugging??


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Originally posted by shroomy

sheesh will this is the last time I do what every person in the world does. Try yahoo.com next time

thanx shroomy-

i always wanna help someone to learn, but didn't feel like going through the motions again on a sluggish monday.

oh, and for bigwill-

to save you one click, insufflating = snorting :tongue:

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You should not rol if your on any MAOI drugs (antidepressants) ..If your on an antidepressant that should be telling you something.. MAOIs + MDMA = DEATH...anyway...SSRIs plug up the reuptake transporters in the synapse between your neurons...MDMA needs those transporters to keep your synapse flooded with serotonin...no serotonin = no roll..

For railing & plugging I posted info on it in the past please use the search button.

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SSRI's and MAOI's are totaly different drugs. Don't confuse the two. Yes they can both be used to treat depression but that is all.

SSRI's will keep you from having a good roll and protect your noggin to some extent, while MAOI's react negativly with a huge array of foods and drugs (yes including MDMA)

And yep some people mix mild MAOI's with MDMA for a HUGE roll at 1/4 the dose, but it is incredibly risky.

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