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DJs Alex Coviello and Greg Padula=CUNTS

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Alex Coviello and Greg Padula from New Jersey USA= DJ time wasting CUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( all their contact info is below this letter)

You wanna know why? Because they've been giving me the run around for seven fucking time wasting months and I am gonna sort them out legally and any other way I know how! I am a songwriter producer of commercial dance music..still waiting for the break, but with quite a bit of web success...Anyway..

It all started in January 2001 when I was emailed by Alex Coviello. He said he was a successful producer and said he wanted to do a mix of my song "Love in Ibiza"( you can hear it now at my site: www.mp3.com/vlove ) as he thought it could be a BIG DANCE song and he could definitely get me a deal with his mixes and my radio mix. I said OK that sounds great..give it a go..He did give it a go( allegedly) and he mailed me one of his mixes which I thought was fucking awful and wondered if a chimp had produced it..but anyway..I thought,a s long as my mix gets a look in to a deal and he has the contacts, then I couldn't complain..

First he said he had got a deal with Groovalicous records...then weeks later he said it was off...Then he said he had got me a deal with the label Dieselgroove...I thought great..I'll wait for the offer then...The offer arrived from Greg Padula by email( so called president of Dieselgroove records www.dieselgrooverecords.com

The email is copied over for you to read below:

dated 24 April 2001

Hi Nick,

Sorry for the delay.Below you will find our offer from

DieselGroove Records.










ADVANCE: $1,500.00

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank You

Greg Padula

Well, I thought great I've been offered a deal..time passed I emailed to enquire where the contracts were..time passed I emailed no reply..then replies saying contracts on the way and had been sent...I received nothing...then nothing...then weeks later contracts on the way email..bal bla...then one week ago I got this email:

dated 8 august 2001

Dear Nick,

You should have received a letter from our attorney informing

you that

at the present time we have decided to pass on the song.We

wish you

all the best and apologize for the delay.

Please dispose at your conveince the contracts.

Best Regards,


Label Manager

DieselGroove Records,Inc

Basically, they kept me hanging on for 7 months whilst I didn't promote the song elsewhere!! For what reason????They offered a deal in writing and even said the contracts were sent by the lawyer then they say its off..strange no Fucking contracts arrived!! or not strange if I had know these fucking time wasting jokers were just fucking me about!!! Whatever..they're dead meat...

CUNTS CUNTS CUNTS...and millions agree with me!! They fucked around the wrong person..took the fucking piss!!! Anyway, they are currently being investigated and a formal complaint will be put against them and I will sue them..apart from that , they're my best buddies!!

SO A BIG FUCK OFF TO THESE WANKERS!! WATCH YOUR BACKS>>ITS VERY DARK IN NIGHT CLUBS..you might fall over or something..but seriously you arses will be sued mother fuckers!!!

Nick Myer

composer/producer Vlove


You can email Greg if you want to tell him what a cunt he is at : [email protected]

You can email Alex Coviello at:

[email protected]

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Ya think?

First off, Alex and Greg are both great guys...

and ok maybe it was wrong what they did...

.. but any dj/producer wouldn't come onto a message board and bash hardcore like that.

most of the people on this board wont know who Alex or Greg even are.. its mostly a NYC crowd on this board, and arent familiar with NJ dj's...

and if you didnt sign any contract, you cant enforce anything or "legal action"

ok wow they emailed you a letter, or even mailed you a letter, but they dropped the song with nothing being signed.

sorry bro. nightclub nightlife sucks :)

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If your taking a professional stand against them and all this, whats with coming on a message forum and ripping them a new asshole, to ruin there reps I understand, but you shouldnt pull the same shit they did. Handle it on your own, dont involve and bunch of people on a message board who [1]are strangers, and [2]probably couldnt care less, sorry just my 2 cents.

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