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I wonder if this is the same girl my bf and I had a 3some with, lol! Maybe there's just something wrong with women who sleep with couples, I don't know, maybe they're all crazy!

I can understand your girl getting upset when she saw you with the other woman. Even if you think you want something, to have it there right in front of your eyes in a whole 'nother story. However, SHE started it by making out, naked, with this girl. Unless you had told her beforehand you were ok with her fooling around with women, she was cheating.

Regardless, you were wrong to flirt the next day and try to get the girl to have sex. Still, this girl is just a troublemaker and wants you two apart so she can have your girl to herself, or something along those lines.

BUT... it's been EIGHT MONTHS!!! If she can't put it behind her, or at least make an effort, she's gotta go. When someone hurts you you never forget it, but you have to forgive that person eventually or forever hold a grudge. That's not something two people can have between them if they're ever going to be happy. As I said, she's partially at fault here too. It sounds to me like it's time to walk away.

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The crazy girl, you mean? Nah, can't be the same one- my crazy girl's from eastern LI. GAWD, she still calls! What a loser! We're like her closest friends or something. I just hope my bf doesn't give her our number when we move.

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