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best way to quit smoking cigarettes?

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im in the process of quitting......i just cant stop lighting up when i go out....:smoke:

but i dont buy packs anymore during the week anymore and only smoke 1/2 pack of ultra lights if i smoke at all (used to smoke menthols for 7 years).......ive been losing my cravings since.....ultra lights SUCK

i guess if it wasnt for my constant sore throats and cough, i would still be puffing away:(

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Originally posted by lowmazda

easy. just dont light up another one

You obviously dont smoke because its not that "easy".

NRGY... I wish I could help you out, but unfortunately I have tried quitting unsuccessfully many times. One way that did helpe me out for a while is just not buying packs and suffering. Of course though, when its came time to go out for the night, I always cracked and either found aroun 20 cigarettes inside or bought myself a pack at the bar...then it is always downhill from there.

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