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how's Montréal? lj

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Man I missed you at Tokyo bar [if you ever went]. Freakin' 6'3".... man your still too short. I could'nt find you. Anyway, our party was just a couple doors down the street so I droped by at 12:00 for about an hour with some friends.

Man I did'nt see ya but I sure rediscovered the Tokyo. Had'nt been there in years but I'll be back.

So where did you go... Sona? Tell me about it! Any spicy "tales from the club".

All right man, we'll have that beer some other time... in N-Y maybe.

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Yo bella!

Me again, I replied in the other post but whatever.

I'm on Prince-Arthur right at St-Laurent! I fuckin' love the damn place. Right in the action.

Where you from? Dont tell me Dorval or something in that line...?!?

Wow baby! stop complaining about Montréal having no cute boys or I'll cry [refering to anotherone of your post . Well all right, girls are cuter I've got to admit. Anyway can't see the freekin' pic of you. That's a bitch and a half.

See ya hon'

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Guest bellaragazza

hey hey :)

sorry dude but one out of like 100 guys is good looking.. its all the same trash around here.. no class what so ever. heheh even sona is going to shit with all thes pre-pubescent dome bunnies.. awwwww well.. hahahah

yeah my pics are up in a thread out in the sex board.

i'm from LaSalle actually, close enough to Dorval but not quite..

I think i'm moving out tho.. right around St.Laurent. I belong there :)

anyways hit me back dude.

:) :)

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jb, what's up kid?! I had to take a break from the board for a while. They actually expect me to do work when I'm at work.

I'll let you know my NYC picks when I get them finalized, I go out more mid-week than weekends though.

Let me know how aria is this friday


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