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OK, I'm about to enter Boston U, and since Landowne St is around the corner, I will be visiting it a lot. Can somebody give me some advice on Boston's clubs????? I've only been to Avalon on a Saturday, and frankly, I hated it. Especially the music!

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***VENU THURS****-Warrenton St behind Roxy

***DJ NAILZ+DJ TASTY in Main room***

Draper drops in every couple of months!

***The Freakas in the ISO-SPA(Nasty Funk,House+Hip-Hop)***


SOLD OUT for over a year and a half(approx 600)


6one7 productions

email: contact6one7@hotmail.com


ALSO CHECK OUT www.soundfactoryboston.com for the minute to minute updates on what's goin on in Boston

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Welcome to BU, I'll be a senior so have fun. I only go to club to see the dj so it depends where I go. As far as Ld. St. is concerned, Axis on Thursday is Chrome which is underground and progressive house/trance, very quality. Axis/Avalon Fri, is bigger name dj's and two rooms of diff. shit. Like supahfly said, Venu Thur is quite popular and you might want to try Roxy + Matrix on Fri.

I might be passing out some flyers this year around campus so I'll see ya around, peace!


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