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Since we try not to discuss Avalon over on SF, I though that I'd post it over here...

This one one of the top times I have heard JP in Boston. He was already on when we walked in at 11:00. We were in the VIP booth next to him and he was in a great mood all night. 'Tyranntic' - Breeder was a nice suprise. Hearing "Like a Prayer" for the first time made the entire night worthwhile for me. 'Sunshine' was also another highlight, since I always seem to miss it when i am actually at SF.

Erin :tongue:

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Originally posted by Avalon

Hearing "Like a Prayer" for the first time made the entire night worthwhile for me.

yeah he "unveiled" the Like a Prayer remix the Saturday of Labor Day weekend ,right before he went to Vegas to spin at Madonna's after party that Sunday. everyone at the Factory went nuts... did he play his "America the Beautiful" tribute/remix too? When i lived in boston, I used to always try to make it to Avalon when he spun... and even went to Laboom (cancun) for JP there too, but it doesn't even compare to JP at the Factory! :D

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I was very dissapointed with JP

I have seen him here before and he has rocked.

He came on early around 10:45 and absolutely tore it up. and went nowhere down from there.

way too much god bless america it was cool for the first twenty minutes.

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Yeah You Got Me

First of all I dont do Drugs, but i do appreciate good music.

JP is one of the most overated djs that come to Boston and i wish they would stop booking him to make room for people with actual talent like we have tonight in both Dave Seaman and Scott Hardkiss.

Actually I was dissapointed when he came on early, Ali Ajami was very impressive and i think he was alot betteer than JP.

Thats my Review of Jp

So Go pick up your latest copy of NYC underground vol. 78 and head back to NY

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I'm sorry you guys weren't feelin' JP.

If you ask me, a lot of DJ's are over-rated. When it comes down to it...music is music and you can pick out good, and bad sets from everyone. They all have their own style.

PS...factory go-ers in NYC also have "something else" influencing their opinions of music and DJ's. I plead guilty to that too!

:blank: :blank: :blank: :blank: :blank:

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