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Bored At work!


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Originally posted by xlr8ted

I too am bored, Vikkii what part of Boston are you from? I am bored as hell working in Braintree.

Well I went to school Grammer - College in Salem MA but now I live in Medford. Working in Downtown Boston.

At least it is a nice day out and I could go out for a little while at lunch. Can't wait less than an hour till I go home!!! :)

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I am bored too, today... I can't wait for the weekend to be here. You want to go for a walk at lunch again today vik? What time are you leaving work tonight? Saw my apartment last night, all I have to say is WOW! Can't wait to move in... Can't wait for you too see it this weekend.

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Hey Vikki! I guess everyone's bored everywhere! I'm in NYC and work had been dead all week... and they keep us here why???

....Well anyway....I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Me and a bunch of my friends are coming up to Boston for the weekend in two weeks and need some advice on where to go. Where to stay..... I have absoluetely no clue. I don't want to end up staying in some rat @$$ hotel or anything.

Anyone bored at work, help a NYC gal out!


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Hey girlie thanks for feeling my pain :)

check out http://www.avalonboston.com/avaland.asp for upcoming events at Avalon. You might also want to check out

http://www.soundfactoryboston.com/discussion.htm it's another Boston board. It has a lot more talk going on too.

And here are a few hotels close to Avalon.

The Buckminster

Howard Johnsons Inn

Howard Johnsons Hotel

Hope this helps a little


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Originally posted by roxychic

Hey Vikki

I am from Peabody...Livin in Salem now. What year did you graduate?? I did in 95. Went to collge at Salem State?!?!?!

As far as being bored in work.......I can't wait to get outta here..only one hour left!!:)

Hey what's up? I graduated Seldom Straight in 2000

Prplhz went there too she graduated in 1999 :)

I am so bored. Almost time to leave though :)

Can't wait tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!

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Originally posted by roxychic

Okay..so I am bit slow...i just realized that Seldom Straight is Salem State.....

Hmmm...what was your majors?? Mine was Marketing

aaaahhhhh yes it is....cause most people who go there are like that......on occasion it's been me :D

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Originally posted by xlr8ted

Hey Boston, nice weather today, still bored at work. Anyone ever hit up the Roxy on Saturdays, good times. Have a great weekend.

Hey what's going on? It is so nice out today. I went walking around Downtown crossing at lunch......didn't want to come back to work......I am so bored at work today. Just wanting to get out for the weekend.............IMO I don't like the Roxy. I've never had a good time there except for the very fist time I went there which was almost 2 years ago. I try to avoide it at all costs. Just my opinion though. I know plenty of people who like it there.

So what else is going on?????

:cool: :hat2:

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Yea...the weather is GREAT!! I did not want to come back to work after lunch today...

This weekend...I have to work all day tomorrow...making some extra cash! :( So other than that I am chilling out.

I actually went to Tilt last Saturday. I had a blast. I was a little nervouse about going to the old "BBC" but I must admit, I had so much fun. The sound and light systems are insane! There is so much room to dance as well.

As far as the Roxy goes....been there..done that! I used to go there often...it can be a good time..unless it is too packed...which it usually is.

Have a great weekend everyone!!:cool:

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